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Rapper Demarco “Gemstones” Castle survives highway shooting

Gemstones was coming home from work at about 5 am when he was suddenly rammed from behind. His truck was shot up and he was left for dead. Castle said he found a 984 K20 Suburban Lifted on Craigslist and purchased the vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What he wasn’t aware of before he purchased the vehicle was that the Suburban model he purchased is "gang-related" and shouldn't be driven through certain neighborhoods in Chicago.

"And if you’re seen in the wrong neighborhood driving one they will ram you from the back or from the side, shoot the truck up while you’re in it and set it on fire and kill you," he added.

The rapper said he had just become aware of the dangers surrounding the model when God began speaking to him.

“When I pulled into work [that] night a voice in my head told me don’t park against the gate because someone was on the other side waiting to kill me and that I should park in the middle of the lot with all the other cars. I thought I was trippin so I just parked in the middle of the lot,” Castle explained. “While I was working that night there was a voice in my head said, ‘you’re going to die tonight.’ I got very afraid and I started praising God and talking in tongues coming against those words. I then heard a voice say, ‘you will be rammed once you get off work.’ So I begin praying and pleading the blood of Jesus again. I heard the voice of God tell me to repent. With no hesitation I confessed everything I’ve ever done in life and began to repent and I felt free,” he added.

As he drove home from work that day, he said the Lord continued to instruct him. He said God told him his vehicle had been tampered with and he shouldn’t put on the heat. As Castle drove on the highway he was eventually rammed and his attackers opened fire, shooting the entire vehicle. He laid on his side as bullets filled the car but miraculously, he was not shot once.

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